4 Heroes

We are extremely proud and honored to welcome to the Senoia Dead Bash & Walking Dead family, our second charity, WWW.HEALING4HEROES.ORG

Healing4Heroes rescues unwanted shelter dogs and trains them as service animals, to help veterans who suffer from PTSD and other traumatic conditions. The dogs are free of charge to the Veterans!

The trained dogs help Veterans move forward and readapt to life after being physically or mentally wounded.

We had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Piper Hill, a retired Army Captain, her service dog Shakespeare, and one of the Veterans in the program, Robbie Durst and his service dog, Zeus.

Healing4Heroes has helped over 220 Veterans nationwide, and with our and your help, can continue to help so many more.



Hope and Wellness


Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation was founded by Marc Ching, whose focus is solely on rescuing abused and neglected animals.

What makes them different from other rescues is that the animals they take in are not only shelter animals or strays, they are animals that have been severely abused, and have been waiting for the day that someone would come to save them.

Ching has not only uncovered the harsh realities of animal abuse, but changed the face of animal rescue throughout the world.

Marc expanded the foundation's reach globally in 2015, to include rescuing dogs from the horrific Asian Dog Meat Trade.  

The Humane Society estimates 30 million dogs are killed every year across Asia, 10 million in China alone.


AHWF aim is to expose the world to the unimaginable anguish and suffering that these dogs endure.  The goal is to force change by creating laws to protect these precious animals from this unfounded barbaric tradition.

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