The Esco Feed Mill
16 Line Creek Rd
Senoia, Ga 30276

The Esco Feed Mill was built in 1920!  The mill originally included a cotton gin, a lab, and mule barn.

The Mill is most famous for the filming of over 17 scenes from the hit television show TWD.  Some of those scenes include:

• The opening credits in Seasons 2 through 5

• Rick and The Governor's meeting. 

• Daryl and Martinez rest near the silos and chat about cigarettes and the apocalypse in general.

• Merle lures Walkers onto Esco Mill's property as a distraction for The Governor's men.

• The Governor takes Merle inside the gin, beats him, bites off his fingers and shoots him in the chest.

• Daryl finds his brother and has to kill Walker Merle.

All of this and more can be seen and reenacted in the ONE HOUR TOUR on the property included with all VIP tickets!! 


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